Pope Leo XIII at Mass in Sistine Chapel

By Bob Bird

Satan: “Give me one hundred years and I can destroy the Catholic Church.”

God: “You have it.”

This visionary exchange was not an obscure rumor from a small backwater village, but from Pope Leo himself, in 1884, after he collapsed saying Mass one morning in the Vatican. When he came to, he immediately composed the famous Prayer to St. Michael and ordered it read aloud at the end of every Mass. Many Catholic parishes still do.

Catholics and non-Catholics alike have a right to know what is going on in the Catholic Church. A confusing and inconsistent pope is augmented by homosexuals within the Vatican and in many of the key positions. Papal appointments point to ominous signs of continued confusion.

Just when this hundred years began, and whether it was a literal hundred years, we do not know, but others insist that we do, see below. But fast forward to the Fatima visions of 1917, warning of Russia’s role in the destruction of freedom and the Church, and then when Joe Stalin ordered the historically acknowledged infiltration of the Russian Orthodox Church in the 1920s. That he ordered the same to be done to the Catholic Church was only logical. Himself a former seminarian, Stalin realized that homosexuals would be his best agents, men who had lost any sense of natural law, sacrilege, conscience, or fear of Judgment.

The Fatima visions of 1917 asked for the pope and the Church to consecrate Russia to the Blessed Virgin, and reiterated in 1929. Why this was not done by Pope Pius XI or XII is a matter of endless speculation, but it never was. The fact that Pope John Paul II consecrated “the world” to her in 1984 indicates that the hundred years of Pope Leo were literal, and that communism’s satanic influence had successfully escaped the boundaries of the USSR, even while it was suffocating from the internal inconsistencies of Marxism. Recognizing this, John Paul did not waste time closing a barn door after the horses had escaped, but addressed the grim reality that the entire world was now in a dire grip that needed miraculous intervention.

While Russia even now is rediscovering Christianity, the influence of communism continues in the west. Dietrich and Alice von Hildebrand were close personal friends of Pope John Paul II before and after his rise to the papacy. Dietrich takes his place with the great Catholic intellects of the 20th century who opposed both fascism and communism.

Dietrich privately interviewed ex-communist Bella Dodd, an admitted Stalinist agent, after she had testified before Congress in the 1950s. She returned to Catholicism under the aegis of America’s most famous Catholic in America, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. Dodd said that she herself placed 1200 communist/homosexuals into American seminaries and knew that the number was over 3,000 from the work of other agents.

Alice, about thirty years Dietrich’s junior and now in her 90s, gave a long interview with the Catholic news site Church Militant, the thorn in the side of the USCCB. She stated that as each subsequent generation of homosexual prelates wormed themselves into the hierarchy, they made sure that faithful seminarians were ousted and good priests were punished and marginalized, even while pliant ones and those who were seduced were brought into the matrix. They would be rewarded with influence and appointments, then coached into promoting the denigration of the rich legacy of Catholicism.

Becoming drum-beat supporters of socialism was part of the agenda, rather than the far more effective and selfless reputation of Catholic institutions. Contraception and abortion were to be scorned or sidelined in importance. Instruction in the faith was to be insipid, and liturgical “reforms” transferred the essence of the Mass from an unbloody sacrifice of depth and mystery into a shallow, informal celebration where the focus became Man rather than God. Thus, we can now understand the completely unauthorized changes that came under the false “Spirit of Vatican II”. They now have generations of momentum behind their acceptance.

The earthquakes of confusion initiated by Pope Francis are now seen in the light of this homosexual or Lavender Mafia. It explains the marginalization of faithful Catholics who have begged for relief from the many ills plaguing the Church, from liturgical abuse, pulpit heresies and weak faith formation programs and instructors. This also includes the mysterious staying power of “Catholic” politicians, who have worked in concert promoting the sexual revolution, socialism, homosexuality, contraception and abortion.

Even as prayers were said in churches throughout the United States this week, the focus was only on the victims, unquestionably just and necessary but utterly incomplete about what the true malady is that is infecting the Church. Not once did the prayers or letters mention the word “homosexuality” and refused to confront the foundational evil that has infected the Church: bishops and priests who are practicing homosexuals themselves, engaging in continuous violations of their vows of celibacy with other adult men, or protecting those who are, whether willingly or through intimidation.

The almost daily exposure of this is likely an answer to prayer. Catholicism has an uncanny ability to resurface after every crisis brings it to the edge of annihilation. Since Christ’s Passion, this has been discovered in roughly three-hundred year increments by the Romans, Arians, Moslems, Norsemen, Albigensians, Protestants, and the French Revolutionaries.

Unless these are apocalyptic times, we await the certain rebound of the Church. It will be smaller, but stronger. It is the solution Jesus took when his disciples walked away from him in John 6 because of His “hard sayings”. It might even reunite much of Christendom. It will take a while.

But it will happen.

NOTE: This essay first appeared in Joe Miller’s e-letter, “Restoring Liberty,” and reappears here with permission of the author.